Do you always dread the mere thought of driving to the gas station because of the skyrocketing prices?

Gas prices today can cause serious pain in your wallet. With the increasing excise taxes, costs of transportation, inflation, and the general prices of oil all over the world comes the mounting cost of gas.

If you own a car, one of your biggest expenses is most likely gas money. Of all these apps, I have personally preferred Gas Buddy for finding the cheap gas near me and think it would work well for you too. The 7 best apps for you are to find cheap gas near me are:

While the prices on gas vary, it’s understandable to be worried about how much more or less you will be spending solely on gas.

Even when the prices are low now, it could suddenly rise when you least expect it. An issue like this is inevitable, but there’s definitely still a way around it.

What if there was a way for you to find cheap gas near me (you) easily and know you are getting the best price? 

How to Find the Cheap Gas Near Me Prices

  • Take note of cheap gas stations near you and your daily commute

    Knowing where the cheap gas near me is on a day to day basis can be easy when you keep a look out yourself for the best prices.

    Just keep a look out for all the gas stations in your neighborhood, commute to work, and the places you travel to most. There are still gas stations with cheaper prices than others.

    Pay close attention when driving and watch out for gas stations prices on their large signage that have their daily prices.

  • Do a Google search to find the closest gas stations near you
    A quick search on many different search engines will help you find cheap gas prices near you. These sites are terrific to help you find the cheapest gas near me and even show you the prices.

  • Use Phone Apps to help you find cheap gas near me
    Below is a list of the 7 best apps for finding cheap gas near me and what you can expect from each one.

    PLUS! Some of these apps will help you save even more money when you use their app to find cheap gas near me prices.

The Best Apps to Find Cheap Gas Near Me

There are now apps that will help you check gas prices in just one tap no matter where you are, whether you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your morning coffee to finish brewing.

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Here are the 7 best apps for finding cheap gas near me prices

  1. Gas Buddy,
  2. Gas Guru,
  3. GetUpside,
  4. Waze,
  5. AAA Triptik Planner,
  6. Gas Prices by Mapquest
  7. Geico Mobile App.

Each of these apps will do a good job of helping you to find cheap gas near me prices. Even when you are traveling far from home, these cheap gas apps will save you loads of money.

Other than the World Wide Web to provide information on gas prices, a number of mobile phone apps have been developed to make things easier for the user.

Through an app, one doesn’t have to read through various articles just to find where to get their fill on gas.

It’s also possible to get discounts and special deals from stations in partnership with the application.

If the regular American spends about $250 on gas in a month, by making use of these applications to find cheaper gas rates, they could save over a hundred dollars in a year. The special deals come in handy to save money as well.

What is Gas Buddy?

Gas Buddy is currently the most popular app to help you find cheap gas near you.

Being an app made through crowdsourcing, you can expect to get lots of helpful information and details from actual users. More than 60 million users are using the Gas Buddy app.

What makes the app great is the fact that it shows you where you can find the best gas prices. This helps you save some cents on every gallon purchased.

You can link the Gas Buddy app to your checking account. You can use this app during every fill up for you to save 15 cents for each gallon during your initial refill and 5 cents for each gallon for succeeding refills.

The app claims that you can save as much as $340 on gas every year when you use Gas Buddy.

But, aside from helping you find cheap gas near you according to your location, the Gas Buddy app also lets you find other features you might like, such as the cleanest restrooms, friendliest service, closest locations, and so much more.

Gas Buddy offers real-time prices of gas at over 140,000 gas stations all over the United States, Australia, and Canada.

The official website also offers several useful tools that you can try, such as charts of gas prices and trip cost calculator that can come in handy if you are planning a long road trip.

The prices they provide are said to be updated real-time, therefore their users don’t need to worry about the prices posted being outdated.

They get their users to post gas prices through the app by giving them incentives in return, which is a point-based system as well as a weekly raffle.

Other than helping a user find smarter deals in their area, Gas Buddy shows more information about the stations like which is closest to the user, has the friendliest service, and even the cleanest restrooms.

There are also tools in their website such as a gas price charts, outage trackers, and a trip cost calculator.

What is Gas Guru?

With a simpler interface compared to other apps, Gas Guru lets you check prices quickly even if you are waiting for the stoplight to change.

Just like the rest of the apps, Gas Guru also shows you the best and cheapest gas prices near you either on the map or in a list form, which depends on your personal preferences.

In case your time is limited, you can just click on the button labeled Best Nearby. This will show you all the best prices that Gas Guru can find in your area.

They also include the last price updates to allow the users to easily identify which gas stations will offer the given price.

The app is customizable, which is a big advantage on their part and a big help to its users. Gas Guru lets users save the nearest pumps with the best prices.

To make it easier for a user to return to their last station or for those who are out of the neighborhood, the app provides directions to the gas stations. It even has the option to share how much a user has saved from simply using the application.

Thanks to color coding, it becomes easier for you to sort through prices. Gray color is for the leas good prices, yellow is for the good prices, and green is for the best prices.

You can also choose a specific location if you wish to check the gas prices at your destination, with Apple Maps or Google Maps offering directions to the stations.

You can also set your favorite locations to let you check specific stations right away.

What is GetUpside?

GetUpside is another money-saving app that will help you locate the best deals not only for gas but also for other things. With the use of this app, you can enjoy savings of up to 25 cents for each gallon of gas.

This also offers unique offers of cashback and works a bit different from the rest of the apps. If you will input your phone number, GetUpside will text you with a good offer at the nearest gas station.

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You can use your debit card or credit card for filling up your tank. If you take a photo of your receipt, GetUpside is going to give you cashback through a check or PayPal.

The app helps you save as much as 15% at grocery stores and 35% at restaurants near you.

What is Waze?

Waze is a kind of a navigation app that is operated and acquired by Google. It can be used to get directions, updated information about traffic, as well as re-routes if there are some accidents, unexpected delays or some concerns.

On some occasions, it can save your time by avoiding the regular routes because of delays.

Aside from traffic information, Waze has a list of several gas stations along with their updated pricing that you may use to find cheap gas.

Waze is more known for being a Google-owned navigation app. Drivers typically provide real-time information on what happens on the road; from traffic jams to road hazards. This information is then accessed by other Waze users.

Because of its ability to gather information from other users about fuel prices, it can find cheap gas stations within the area. It lets the user set their preference and allows them to sort the options by price or brand.

When a user marks their designated location, the app then works to show the user the easiest route to there –which is what it is generally known for.

They also offer “Waze-only” deals therefore allowing the user to save up even more money.

You may set your preferred gas station and find the best one that offers low cost and delay. In an instant, you can decide if saving a few cents per gallon is taking an extra 15 minutes of driving that uses up gas.

What is AAA TripTik Planner?

TripTik Planner is a feature of AAA that helps you plan a road trip through enabling you to plot trips with up to twenty stops along the way. It also shows you the best places where you can stop for gas while providing you an efficient route.

AAA TripTik Planner has thousands of gas stations in their database and also provides you updated prices for the gas so you can choose and pick easily. You do not have to be a member to use this app, but to access it, you should join AAA TripTik Planner. 

Some of its other features such as roadside assistance and saving trips are exclusive to AAA members.

Although there are various other free ones that come in handy, one of which helps a user plan their road trips and shows the best gas stops along the way.

With over 85,000 different gas stations stored in their database, it gives a wide variation of options allowing the user to pick what caters their needs.

The prices are also up to date, therefore making it easier to find best gas prices at the moment.

What is Gas Prices by Mapquest?

It shows you where you can find the cheapest gas and allows you to choose the kind of fuel you like and add it to your favorites.

Gas Prices by Mapquest is user-friendly, which lets you find the best prices for gas in your neighborhood from and to your office as well as on a road trip.

It has a platform that shows users where to find cheap gas stations around the area called Gas Prices by MapQuest. The app allows the user to choose the fuel grade of their choice, as well as list down their favorite stations.

Aside from helping you find the best prices for gas, it comes with robust navigation features including ordering food, making reservations for restaurants, alternative routes in real-time traffic conditions, and voice-guided GPS.

What is Geico Mobile App?

The Geico Mobile app is handled by the car insurance company Geico. The app offers more than what an insurance provider can typical give.

They take data from the Oil Price Information Service which assures their prices are up to date.

Luckily, the Geico Mobile app isn’t exclusive to only their customers therefore being open to a bigger audience.

Either on their website or by downloading the app itself, they provide a gas price locator making it easier to find low-cost gas around the area.

It helps you look for the best gas prices. You may find prices in real-time. Geico mobile app uses the provided gas prices of Oil Price Information Service.

You may also find some gas stations near you through going to their website or through downloading their app and look for the gas price locator feature.

How to Find Gas Near Me Open Right Now

There could be instances where a person needs to find a gas station nearby as soon as possible.

Either due to emergency situations, or to avoid having to run out of gas in the middle of the road. While the apps mentioned can help find stations with great deals, it doesn’t always help during urgent moments.

Not all stations are open 24/7. This would be troublesome for someone who needs to get their fill in the middle of the night.

The simplest way to find the closest open station is by looking it up on the internet. Google Maps offers a list of places and indicates whether their business hours.

It’s a convenient and simple way to find stations quickly, although they don’t indicate the price ranges.

One could also get their fill at a 7-Eleven or other convenience stores nearby, although there’s the chance it would cost more than the regular.

There are many ways to find a gas station that is open near you.

  • Google Maps
    Google maps on your phone will show you the open and close times for every business that is registered with Google.

    When finding gas stations, click on the actual gas station and Google will give you the store hours and even alert you when it will be closed.
  • Google Maps Driving Directions
    When you select a gas station as a destination and have google maps start giving you directions, the voice will literally tell you that the store may be closed when you get there.
  • You can also ask some of your friends or family members if they know where you can buy a gas anytime near you. Checking online is also another way to locate a gas station that is open near your location.

Best Ways to Help You Save On Fuel Consumption

It is essential that you try to save money whenever you can in times of recession and the best way to do it is through reducing fuel consumption.

Decreasing fuel consumption is crucial if you try to cut your spending, especially if your vehicle is heavy on fuel.

Below are some of the ways on how you can save on fuel consumption:

  • A good way to reduce your fuel consumption is changing up your gears sooner. Depending on what vehicle you’re driving, it depends when you must change your gears. For petrol cars, the gears must be changed once they ready 2500 rmp and diesels at 2000 to get the most from your gas.
  • See to it that your tire pressure is at a proper level. A car that has square wheels is harder to roll than one compared to round wheels and use more fuel to do so.
  • More weight in your vehicle means more consumption of fuel. You should travel light when driving and take emergency equipment and essentials. Through this, you must lighten the load and reduce consumption.
  • See to it that your engine is properly oiled as it reduces friction and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Once you fill up wiggle the nozzle to get extra fuel out that’s stuck in it, turn it upside down because it will go into the person’s tank behind you.
  • Slow down once you hit the motorway. If you go faster, you will use more fuel. Going 80mph uses twenty-five percent more than going 70mph, which uses more than 60mph. So, sacrifice the speed for a few miles to your gallon.
  • Once the light is green, do not hit your accelerator strongly. Increasing speed steadily and nice is a good way to get the most out of your fuel and this is always taught when taking driving lessons. So, make sure to keep this in mind.
  • Avoid idling as your car’s engine uses fuel and you aren’t moving. If the traffic looks like it is not moving for a while, switch the car engine off and save some fuel.
  • If your car has cruise control, it’s a good time to turn it on because this will help you save a bit of money down the motorway.
  • Get to a gas station early in the morning as the air is much cooler and the fuel is much denser. It will help you get more money as it is priced in volume.
  • Turn off the air conditioning unless you are traveling at 50mph or over. Air conditioning increases the consumption of fuel at low speeds. But, at high speeds, the difference is noticeable.
  • Avoid braking as much as possible. Braking fast loses the kinetic energy you’ve paid for your vehicle to generate. Make sure to plan ahead and avoid dangerous braking if you can.
  • When you park, try getting in the shade or inside as sunlight heats up your vehicle and evaporates your fuel. Keep that in the tank as a liquid and never park in sunlight as it might cause the interior to fade.

Check tire pressure.

Whether going on a long trip or not, one has to regularly check their tire pressure. It could be monthly, or a few times in a year. Keeping the tires at the right pressure affect fuel efficiency.

Fortunately, cars these days often alert the driver if the tire’s pressure is beyond what it should be.

Regardless of whether they’re almost deflated or far from flat, it’s important to maintain them.

Don’t keep the car idle.

Leaving a car on idle could actually waste far more fuel than most people believe. Some would find it very important that the car is warmed up before going on a drive during the winter.

While it’s good to think about the maintenance of the car itself, it doesn’t do the best if it’s left on too long.

A minute or two would be enough to get the car ready rather than keeping the engine open for half an hour without any movement in the driveway.

This also applies to scenarios where the driver waits to pick up a friend, or maybe go to the bathroom.

A car is not a storage.

People tend to forget about the stuff they leave in their cars. Some of these things put on far more weight than what it looks, which results to more gas getting wasted.

Lightening the load of the trunk could do a lot of help, especially when it’s loaded with lots of things that don’t necessarily need to be in the vehicle.

Make use of cruise control.

Most people overlook the cruise control function in their cars, which isn’t a feature available to every car. Although it isn’t the most relevant, it can do much more help than it looks.

Basically, cruise control refers to a computer in control of the car’s speed rather than the driver.

Since it keeps a steady pace, rather than constantly speeding up and slowing down, the fuel is used at a fixed amount as well.

Drive at moderate speed.

As mentioned, fuel consumption is affected by the speed of the car. Driving fast and making sudden stops can take up a lot of gas.

Slowing down and being more wary is better, but it doesn’t significantly mean less fuel is being used.

Keep the speed moderate, especially when there’s nothing to rush.

One can save up to 15 to 30 percent on the highway by doing this, and 10 to 40 percent in the middle of traffic.

Consider a Hybrid.

For people who are all about fuel efficiency, an electric car or hybrid is a great choice of vehicle. Those who own cars like so save much more money on gas than one might expect.

Unlike the diesel-engined vehicle, a hybrid car consumes less fuel because it gets power from an electric motor. At most, one can spend $1000 or less in a year on gas while being able to drive 15,000 miles or more.

This is mostly convenient to people who have driving jobs, since it could save them over half of how much they would regularly spend.

best gas apps

When finding cheap gas near me, I personally love to use GasBuddy.

It does a great job finding the cheap gas near me as well as has the ability to save me money on my gas.

How do you find cheap gas near me?

Leave me a comment below.

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