Do you always dread the mere thought of driving to the gas station because of the skyrocketing prices?

Gas prices today can cause serious pain in your wallet. With the increasing excise taxes, costs of transportation, inflation, and the general prices of oil all over the world comes the mounting cost of gas.

If you own a car, one of your biggest expenses is most likely gas money. Of all these apps, I have personally preferred Gas Buddy for finding the cheap gas near me and think it would work well for you too. The 7 best apps for you are to find cheap gas near me are:

While the prices on gas vary, it’s understandable to be worried about how much more or less you will be spending solely on gas.

Even when the prices are low now, it could suddenly rise when you least expect it. An issue like this is inevitable, but there’s definitely still a way around it.

What if there was a way for you to find cheap gas near me (you) easily and know you are getting the best price? 

How to Find the Cheap Gas Near Me Prices

  • Take note of cheap gas stations near you and your daily commute

    Knowing where the cheap gas near me is on a day to day basis can be easy when you keep a look out yourself for the best prices.

    Just keep a look out for all the gas stations in your neighborhood, commute to work, and the places you travel to most. There are still gas stations with cheaper prices than others.

    Pay close attention when driving and watch out for gas stations prices on their large signage that have their daily prices.

  • Do a Google search to find the closest gas stations near you
    A quick search on many different search engines will help you find cheap gas prices near you. These sites are terrific to help you find the cheapest gas near me and even show you the prices.

  • Use Phone Apps to help you find cheap gas near me
    Below is a list of the 7 best apps for finding cheap gas near me and what you can expect from each one.

    PLUS! Some of these apps will help you save even more money when you use their app to find cheap gas near me prices.

The Best Apps to Find Cheap Gas Near Me

There are now apps that will help you check gas prices in just one tap no matter where you are, whether you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your morning coffee to finish brewing.

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Here are the 7 best apps for finding cheap gas near me prices

  1. Gas Buddy,
  2. Gas Guru,
  3. GetUpside,
  4. Waze,
  5. AAA Triptik Planner,
  6. Gas Prices by Mapquest
  7. Geico Mobile App.

Each of these apps will do a good job of helping you to find cheap gas near me prices. Even when you are traveling far from home, these cheap gas apps will save you loads of money.

Other than the World Wide Web to provide information on gas prices, a number of mobile phone apps have been developed to make things easier for the user.

Through an app, one doesn’t have to read through various articles just to find where to get their fill on gas.

It’s also possible to get discounts and special deals from stations in partnership with the application.

If the regular American spends about $250 on gas in a month, by making use of these applications to find cheaper gas rates, they could save over a hundred dollars in a year. The special deals come in handy to save money as well.

What is Gas Buddy?

Gas Buddy is currently the most popular app to help you find cheap gas near you.

Being an app made through crowdsourcing, you can expect to get lots of helpful information and details from actual users. More than 60 million users are using the Gas Buddy app.

What makes the app great is the fact that it shows you where you can find the best gas prices. This helps you save some cents on every gallon purchased.

You can link the Gas Buddy app to your checking account. You can use this app during every fill up for you to save 15 cents for each gallon during your initial refill and 5 cents for each gallon for succeeding refills.

The app claims that you can save as much as $340 on gas every year when you use Gas Buddy.

But, aside from helping you find cheap gas near you according to your location, the Gas Buddy app also lets you find other features you might like, such as the cleanest restrooms, friendliest service, closest locations, and so much more.