how to use linked in as a business

Anyone can show you how to use LinkedIn.

  1. Step 1, open an account
  2. Step 2, fill in your information
  3. Step 3, connect with others…


You will not get the strategy Professionals use to make money on LinkedIn. That is what this article is all about. How to use LinkedIn as a business and for business.

Today, I am excited to have Sarah Santacroce on the podcast. She is an expert in using LinkedIn.

Sarah is living in Switzerland now, but her husband had an expat job just south of L.A., in California, and they lived there for four years, from 2006 to 2010.

It was an amazing experience and she loved it, because the weather was great. While there, though, she missed the diversity and different cultures of Europe.

Sarah Santacroce is a LinkedIn expert who knows how to use LinkedIn to make money for her businesses.

Watch the Video Interview and Learn How to Use LinkedIn As a Business

How Sarah Makes Money Without Having a Job

Sarah started this journey more than 12 years ago. Her kids were little and she took a couple of years to stay home with them, but she was ready to start her own business.

This was right when social media was becoming popular.

Sarah used social media to start and promote her business, without a budget. Since she did that for herself, she thought she could do it for other businesses as well.

She got started consulting in social media and then niched down to LinkedIn.

Today she does different things. She does company consulting and offers LinkedIn trainings for marketing and HR departments, which are half day or full day gigs.

They pay pretty well, because she has an expertise. It is a referral based business, because once you establish a personal brand, people keep referring to you as the expert in that area.

Finding your niche makes you a specialist. If you are doing everything, your rates can’t be the same. It gets overwhelming if you try to do it all, and you can’t get into the nitty gritty of each platform.

This is why it is good to narrow down your services so there is one thing you are known for.

What Sarah Was Doing Before and How She Became Successfully Unemployed

When Sarah and her husband moved to the U.S., financially speaking, she had a safety net, because her husband was working.

The hard thing was going from being in a corporate environment, where she had a team and worked with a team, moving to a different country, where she had to take care of her kids and make sure they were integrated, and integrating herself at the same time as starting a business.

People coming from the corporate world underestimate that all of a sudden they are standing alone. There is no more brand or title to hide behind.

It is an ego thing, because you are getting paid six figures and all of a sudden you have to make that money yourself by being you. You have to think about who you are and how you can be the person clients want to hire.

LinkedIn for Business Has Changed Substantially Over Time

LinkedIn used to be more B2B, business to business, versus business to consumer.

Now it is more H2H, human to human.

We are living in an age where we are no longer interested in companies or brands, we are interested in the people behind the companies.

It took Sarah a while to see that she is engaging with people and not with companies. How do you talk to a company? A company is made of people. It doesn’t matter that you want a contract from a business, you still are talking to a human being.

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