mindful millionaire

How you think about money will make you rich or poor. Leisa Peterson shows us how to think differently about money AND how to start, run, and grow businesses to fund our lifestyle.

Today, I am excited to have Leisa Peterson on the podcast. She has a few great businesses and she is an expert in growing businesses. Like Leisa, you can be successfully unemployed.

How Leisa Makes Money Without Having a Job

Leisa and her husband work together in several businesses, and Leisa has a coaching and education business. As she was doing her taxes this year, she realized they have seven different income streams. They’ve been dabbling in entrepreneurship for a long time.

Her husband has always been an entrepreneur and she had a job up until six years ago, when she decided to make the transition to entrepreneurship.

It was a big leap, because when she was growing up, her parents were entrepreneurs and they struggled. It took her a long time to take that leap.

Leisa Worked to Learn and Build Knowledge

Leisa has worked in financial services for about 30 years. After she earned an MBA in the early ‘90s, she knew she wanted to work with money, because she wanted to have money.

She moved through a lot of different jobs, including insurance, marketing, mortgage banking, and financial advising.

For every job Leisa took, it was in the back of her mind that she wanted to master finance. She and her husband started buying and flipping houses in the ‘90s, and in her mortgage banking job, she learned a lot about the industry that helped them with real estate.

It was always about how can they take care of themselves and then how can she make money in a job to help her learn those things.

How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
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