how to make money as a stay at home mom

Imagine making $1,000,000 a year in profit from your business helping others. This is what today’s expert has done and she is here to show you step by step, how to do the same thing. Learn how to make money as a stay at home mom with a mommy blog and be successfully unemployed.

Today, I am excited to have Suzi Whitford on the podcast and she is going to teach us so many things. Like Suzi, you can be successfully unemployed.

How Suzi Whitford of “Start A Mom Blog” Makes Money Without Having a Job

Suzi grew an audience online, figures out what they want, creates online products, then she promotes those products. She has been doing this for four years and recently hit the $1 million mark in profit.

What Suzi Was Doing Before and How She Became Successfully Unemployed

Suzi’s father was her biggest role model. He was a civil engineer and she went to school for industrial engineering, because she liked the business side of engineering. Both she and her husband, John, are industrial engineers and that is how they met. They both were on track, and their goal was to become CEO of a company.

They did internships at Disney World, General Electric, Toyota, and other big companies to pave the way to go into management and eventually into a C-level title.

When Suzi and John decided to start a family, she started working from home for GE. She thought this was great, until the baby was born. You can’t really work from home with a baby. She then decided to quit her job and her husband continued working.

Being at home with the baby, she still had the drive to work. There are pros and cons to staying home. She wanted to help out, because her husband was carrying all of the financial burden and they wanted to have a big family.

Watch the How to Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom Interview

She started watching CNET and she was listening to all of the stock trading on TV. She decided she was going to be a stock trader. It turned out not to be her thing. She then decided to sell arts and crafts on Etsy, but that didn’t work either.

Finally, she started learning about blogging. She has skills, she is smart, and she was a teaching assistant for her coding class where she helped other students create websites.

Going online, she learned about blogging and affiliate marketing. She started her Catholic parenting blog with affiliate marketing and by getting traffic from Pinterest. Her site started doing well and she was making a couple hundred dollars a month.

Her friends asked her for help on their blogs and they started making money too, so she decided to teach more of her mom friends.

This is how she grew into helping other moms start blogs, and her students are making $2,000 to $10,000 per month. She caters only to moms, because she loves them and she knows the struggles they face.

Last year, Suzi’s husband quit his engineering job at Toyota. They now have three kids and he is working from home on his own website. Her husband does tech reviews and she does blogging.

How to Make Money As A Stay At Home Mom

Start a Website Based on What People are Already Spending Money On

Look for a big affiliate product you can market on your blog that relates to your topic. Topics that are hot right now are portable solar panels, keto diet, tiny houses, and RV camping.

Look for something that is hot and trendy, where people are already spending money. This way you aren’t just blogging about your life. People want to hear about your life, but they also want to hear about them and what is going to help them.

Focus on your story, but intertwine it in a way to help your audience. Go after a topic people are already spending money on, like health, love, money, relationships, happiness, and time.

It is good to do something you are passionate about to an extent. Remember that success drives passion too. Once you are successful at something, you will want to do more of it. At first, if you are trying to leave your job, do something that is profitable.

Once that takes off and is doing well and you can live on it, then focus on something you are passionate about. Especially to make money as a stay at home mom who doesn’t have that much time.

The Tools to Use to Find Keywords

Take ten topics you are interested in or that other people are talking about. Browse online and see what is going on. Go to Google Trends, put in the keyword, and see if it is gaining traffic or if it spiked and is starting to go down.

Don’t miss that there are also seasonal trends. A keyword tool called Keywords Everywhere is very helpful and inexpensive. You can use that to search different words and see the volume each month.

You can use these two tools to see if there is a lot of interest in the topic.

When you search, see if people have ads at the top of Google, and if there do, people are making money off of that keyword. If the search results come back from high authority websites, the competition might be a little high.

It the search results come back from forums like Quora or Reddit or a Pinterest board, the competition is low and is a good one to go after.

There are many free tools you can and should use when you are learning how to make money as a stay at home mom.

Your Profit Depend on the Amount of Content You Create

If you are starting a blog from scratch, your domain authority is zero and you won’t get a lot of search results. Google search traffic is going to take about six to eight months.

In the beginning, focus on creating great content, between 10 to 30 articles, or as much as you can, and promote it on Pinterest. Pinterest and social media can bring you traffic faster.

Don’t expect to make money the first week — maybe $5.00 to $10.00 the first month. In real estate, when you buy something, it is an asset, and a blog is the same thing where you are growing it with articles.

Don’t just see it as you are writing an article, look at it like you are planting seeds. Eventually, more and more traffic will bring you more money.

Every article you write should have a purpose, and not every article will be an SEO article. Not every article can have back links on it. Some of your articles can be smaller, more emotional articles.

Those do better on social media and can bring in social shares. The long, SEO articles don’t always share well on social media. It all depends where you are going to share the article and what audience you are trying to attract.

Social media will be a great tool for stay at home moms since most other stay at home moms are already on social media. If your audience is to help stay at home moms or anyone else, social media is a great tool to reach them.


Connect with Your Audience in Different Ways

Some articles will be more emotional, some will be shorter, others will be better than a video or live on Facebook. On those articles, link to your longer how-to articles to drive people to your courses, products, or affiliate links.

Pinterest is a mostly female audience. Don’t disregard Pinterest if you are doing real estate, but the things that do best on there are the how-to guides, recipes, fashion, cooking, and kids activities.

If your audience isn’t spending time there, don’t spend your time on it. Suzi encourages her students to focus on one traffic source and one monetization strategy in the beginning.

Once you’ve accomplished that, then add another, different traffic source. Don’t try to do everything at once. There are a lot of strategies that work, but you can’t do them all at once.

When people say “be everywhere”, they think they need unique content on each place. If you want to spread your content wider, repurpose your content. Maybe take your blog post and repurpose it to be a video. In the beginning, don’t try to be everywhere. It is too hard and you are going to burn out.

Suzi didn’t have a large Facebook following for a while, because it was a big time suck.

She would go on there and chat with people, but she wasn