Doc G is the voice of the Earn & Invest podcast and has multiple streams of passive income. He shares his tips and tricks for acquiring many income streams and how he got it all started. 

How Doc G Makes Money

For a lot of his young adult life, Doc had a regular job. He didn’t see it as a Just Over Broke job because he dreamed of being a doctor when he was a little boy. All of his life, he was dedicated to the idea of being a doctor.

From a child’s eye, being a doctor seemed like everything he wanted to do. However, when he became a physician, he realized there were some parts of the position he didn’t particularly like. He says that is when the job became the Just Over Broke job.

Back in 2014, medicine burned him out, and he was writing a medical blog. Some guy called him and told him about a book he wrote about medicine and finances. He asked Doc to review the book within his blog.

The book was The Whitecoat Investor by Jim Dolly, and Doc read it in three hours. He said everything just clicked for him when he read the book. Doc said he discovered that he was already financially independent and had enough money saved to be comfortable in his life.

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But Doc says it gave him the vocabulary for a lot of things he already knew about. He grew up in a financially savvy home, and the book helped him put words to what his finances meant. 

Because his identity was being a physician, it took Doc a few years to move away from the job. He says he had all of the pieces in place but was not emotionally ready to take the jump. Eventually, however, he did. 

Dustin, now a real estate investor, worked for two extra years at his job. He was so nervous about leaving the job he had built and grown with for 15-20 years. Something clicked for him.

Dustin realized that even with his salary of $75,000, he was losing money by staying there. His other businesses were making him more money, and if he had the time to focus on them, he would be much better off. 

Docs Streams of Income

When he first started, Doc’s income came from his physician’s salary. He tried to maximize his ability to do that specific job. Doc built a large practice and built-in efficiencies to do a great job but still see enough patients while building other income streams.

He says what you want to do first is work on your main gig like he did. Eventually, he built it out to include some other streams of revenue. 

Doc’s “Lazy” Income Streams

The income streams Doc didn’t have to try too hard at had to do with his job. He was trained in internal medicine, so it was easy to do medical and legal consulting work. In the malpractice system, you need other doctors to act as experts both on the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side about what happened.

This was a natural transition for him because he was already an expert at practicing medicine. One of the first income streams he added was doing medical-legal work. 

Then a local nursing home was looking for a medical director. They asked him to come work for them, and they would send him patients who added to his bottom line and increased revenue for his practice. They also paid him administrative fees to sit in on meetings and other things like that. 

He started building the lazy side hustles. Doc calls them lazy because he didn’t have to seek out new skills to accomplish them. He already had them. By practicing general internal medicine, he was serving a fair amount of older people who were in the process of dealing with chronic disease and hospice.

It seemed natural for him to help with that because many of his patients were going through that, and he didn’t need to acquire any more skills. 

Doc’s “Active” Streams of Income

Doc started the medical blog. People asked him to write for their medical sites, and he was a paid blogger. He comes from a family who is very active in real estate as well. Even his wife’s parents owned a few buildings. His parents owned up to 15 units when he was younger.

So he and his wife fairly quickly got into it as well. The first property they purchased was a condo in downtown Chicago. They lived in the suburbs of Chicago, so they bought the condo to use on the weekends.

It was a 1,000 square foot, one-bedroom, high-rise condo. They renovated it into a two-bedroom by converting the dining room into another bedroom. Doc and his wife used it for six months before deciding they didn’t use it often enough.

A realtor friend said they knew someone who was getting divorced and needed a place to rent. They ended up renting to the guy for two years. It was so easy to do that when the guy left, they rented it again, and it has been rented for the last ten years. 

They bought the second condo right about when the downturn in the economy occurred. They had a lot of luck with the condo because there was not much to take care of. It was small and in a building that employed its repair person.

Real Estate Downturn Made It Possible To Invest More

The downturn led to the purchase of a foreclosed condo in a great area that they knew they could rent it quickly. They bought the condo for half of what it would have been a couple of years before and had to do minimal renovations. Doc and his wife rented that one, then they ended up with four properties from which they receive passive income. 

Lastly, he receives some income from his podcast and his blogging. Altogether, there are multiple streams of income, but also he had invested heavily in his 401k and a taxable account.

Doc considers his dividends as income because every three months, he receives a check for those dividends. If Doc doesn’t need that money at the time, he will turn around and reinvest it. 

He says that if he ever decides he wants to work less, or not at all, he has his passive income streams of real estate and the dividends to cover him. 

Dustin thinks that it is important to have multiple streams of income for diversity and in case of a recession or if something happens to another income stream. 

Doc G’s Real Estate Business

The initial reason Doc and his wife bought the condo in Chicago was for them to stay in the city if they wanted to instead of driving back to the suburbs. There was a pool on the top of the high-rise and was in the middle of beautiful downtown.

He said they quickly realized that the idea of a pied-a-terre, or a little place in the city, was more fun than the actual reality. 

When Dustin started investing, he thought about buying places in Hawaii or near ski slopes so he and his family could visit when it wasn’t being rented out.

But as he got older, he changed his thought process. He decided he would go to those places and spend the money to stay somewhere else. Dustin thought it would just be easier to do it that way. With his current properties, he doesn’t visit or even sees them, for that matter.

They are just there to make him money. Since there are so many places to visit globally, Dustin never really thought he would want to go back to the same place more than once. He wants to see all of the countries someday. 

How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
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Doc G and his wife have always looked at real estate. They are the kind of people who go to 100 showings a year and maybe buy one property. Doc says that his wife is the one who always had her eye on the market, so when the housing bubble burst, there were a lot of foreclosures available.

They thought that since there were that many foreclosures, it was a good time to buy. He also feels that buying real estate has a lot to do with confidence. Doc believes that when people buy their first investment property, they second guess and wonder how it will work for them.

He says it is all about mindset, and once you go through the process once, the following properties are a lot easier to obtain. 

When Doc and his wife went through the process the first time and made the property into a rental, they realized it would be easy to reproduce. He mentions that some people say not to invest in condos, but the market in Chicago at the time was very cost-effective for them to do so.

With the HOAs and assessments, you lose a little bit of money, but the upkeep and maintenance are low enough that you can still make a reasonable profit. Being at the place in their lives that they were and how they had their financial securities in order, Doc considered the investments as a means to diversify.

In addition to that, they purchased their properties in cash and did not leverage other money. 

Subsequent Properties for Doc

Doc says that it was a decision based on the fact that he already had cash-in flow from his job and his securities in place. He said it made sense for him to have even less of a return but guaranteed cash flow as a diversification plan. They ended up with two properties and treated the second property like the first.

Doc said they wanted a lake house, so they bought a big house on Lake Michigan. They did renovations on the property and realized they didn’t want to use it anymore, so they rented it out. They had a tenant there for three years, and when the tenants decided to move out, they put the house up for sale.

Since they had purchased the home in foreclosure and had only put $30,000-$40,000 into renovations, they would get a good return from the house’s sale.

Doc says they put the house on