How Kelan Provides for His Family

Kelan and his wife run the Savvy Couple blog, a personal finance blog that helps families organize their lives, simplify their finances, and find the time to do more things they love.

They make money through the blog by providing content to help readers go from surviving to thriving with their finances.  

What Kelan Kline Did Before The Blog

Kelan graduated college in 2012 and says he jumped through a bunch of different jobs. He was an insurance salesman, a UPS driver, an office manager, and later a law enforcement jail deputy.

At the time, that is what Kelan considered to be his dream job, to where he would then go to road patrol. Kelan worked in that profession for about two and a half years, but around the one year mark, he realized law enforcement was not the thing for him.

He wasn’t fond of committing to other people, having people tell him when he had to work, and the terrible work environment with forced overtime. Kelan also hated that he rarely saw his wife, who, at the time, was working opposite shifts as a teacher.

Being their first year of marriage also, it was a stressful time for the Klines. They finally decided to sit down and talk about how their lives should look because they knew that wasn’t it.

Kelan and his wife sat down at the table, talked about, and planned what their life would ideally look like in the next couple of years. Most importantly, the steps that it would take to get them to where they wanted to be.  

Dustin worked in the jail in Fresno, California at one time in IT. He was able to be around the officers and deputies and thought it was a great place to work.

Dustin had to go to the jail area numerous times to set up computers and remembers it was just too much. He agrees with Kelan that it was not for him, and he can see why Kelan wouldn’t like it either. 

Kelan compared it to almost as though you are doing time with the inmates, and he just got to a point where he realized it wouldn’t cut it for the next 25 years, so he needed to figure something out. 

What Kelan’s Business Is And How It Makes Money

In the beginning, the Klines started the personal finance blog as more of a passion project. Kelan and his wife had seen other bloggers online making money and the idea was great for them because they like to budget their money, live frugally, and live on less than they earn.

They love to be in charge of their life and money. Over time, the blog was generating income from ad revenue and affiliate marketing. For the first nine months, the blog didn’t make any money, but they were working on it at night and on the weekends.

Their hard work paid off because on the ninth month mark; they began making money. Not even two weeks later, Kelan was ready to quit his job and talked to his wife about it. What Kelan did was he left the jail deputy position and went into managing an office part-time. 

He felt strongly that he needed to just get out of the deputy environment. Brittany landed a full-time teaching position, so Kelan thought he needed to search and get back who he was.

He felt he lost his identity and wanted to get it back. The whole time, they were saving up and budgeting their money for Kelan’s exit strategy. 

When The Klines Started The Blog

The Kline’s started back in July of 2016. Kelan’s wife was getting bored being at home in the summer, so they decided to brainstorm business or side hustle ideas they could do online.

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During this time, Kelan was also enrolled in school, working towards his home inspector license, something he thought would also enable him to be his boss. He was ready with the license, paperwork in hand, but they decided to start an online business. And they are pleased that they did because there is so much more freedom. 

Dustin believes that as fathers, they have the responsibility to provide for their families. Some people can quit their jobs without a safety net, but that was not possible for him.

He worked hard to get his rental property business up and running and then quit at 37. He now has 30+ rental properties generating a lot of passive income for him every month, and he does not have to work much at all. 

How to Get Started With A Blog

Step #1: Choose What You Are Most Passionate About

Kelan thinks that the most important thing to do first is to find out what you are most passionate about and what you love to do. He says this is important because it may take you a while before you begin to see revenue from your side hustle.

He says it is essential that you are passionate enough to work on it and serve people just because you love doing it. 

Step #2: Choose Your Medium

There are three mediums and platforms to serve an audience, such as audio, video, or text. The next step would be choosing the most comfortable way and what also serves your audience the best. 

Kelan believes the most significant thing is just getting started. He thinks that many people get caught up in trying to make things perfect right off the bat.

Keland and Brittany just went for it and learned as they went. He says taking action is more important than sitting back and making a detailed plan initially. 

As someone who is not necessarily a perfectionist, Dustin likes to make sure that things get done correctly. He thinks that doing it right the first time is important, so you don’t have to waste time going back and fixing it.

His dad taught him that if you are going to do it, do it right and do it right the first time.

How The Savvy Couple Serves People

Kelan and Brittany began making their products. They think that many people struggle with sitting down with their spouse and talking about finances with pen and paper.

So with that, they have created printables for people to use that help with big things like paying off debt and a new one they created for meal planning. They make it super easy for people to take baby steps and form good habits, and make changes in their life.

Start Creating A Lot of Content

For the first year, Kelan and Brittany published three articles a week and would have a guest post every Wednesday. They were using the strategy for creating a ton of quality content, in the beginning, to see what resonates with the audience and what people relate to best. 

When Dustin began Master Passive Income in 2016, he would put out an article once a week, thinking it was a lot of work. He then went to publishing one article a month.

He assumed people would be coming back to read the next article. Kelan says that is not the case. He thinks about 80% of people who visit your site will never come back again.

Building an email list is important in this case so that the readers have an opt-in and never miss what you are publishing. Kelan and Britney have a list of 20,000 people they serve and love and give their everything.

They treat their email list readers as friends or a part of their family who they are trying to help through a rough time or transition in their lives from surviving to thriving.  

Deciding What to Write About

Kelan says it circles back to you are passion. Asking yourself what you can talk about at length or what people always ask you for help. For example, if you are a person who can keep your grocery budget low, write an article about that, and teach people how to do it also.

Another idea Kelan has is to go to Google and search keywords that you would be curious to know about and read the articles that come up. 

How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
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How Much Content to Publish

For the first year of your blog, Kelan thinks you should publish as much quality content as you can. Even though they began with three articles a week, they found that it was a little overkill for their site and did not have to continue doing that.

Kelan thinks that if you can publish one quality article a week, you are on your way to building your tribe and getting traffic to your site. 

For clarification, a quality article is an article that se