Chandler Bolt has a good size business and has written many books. Additionally, he has helped many people write and publish books through his business, Self-Publishing School.

If you have ever wanted to write and publish a book, his course is for you.

There is no better time than now to let that book idea come to fruition.

Chandler shares about the ins and outs of his business of helping people write the book that is wanting to be written. 

What Chandler Bolt Did Before Self-Publishing School

Chandler was in college when he realized he was taking classes about how to run a business from people who had never run a business.

He dropped out shortly after this realization and pursued his passion of being an entrepreneur. He began teaching people how to self publish books through Self-Publishing School and the success of the business snowballed from there. 

Chandler had some jobs but not many. He feels it was a blessing and a curse that he never had a traditional job.

He worked for his dad in construction, at a fitness center doing tennis court maintenance, landscaping and pressure washing business, and exterior house painting.

The exterior painting job, which was more of a franchise, would be the closest he was to having a career. After those jobs, he went to school, dropped out and started Self-Publishing School. 

Dustin’s dad was also a construction worker and he remembers being outside in the heat working on roofs. He remembers starting many businesses but real estate is what stuck. 

What Prompted Chandler to Write His Own Book and Starting Self-Publishing School

Chandler wanted to write a book for people about things he felt like other people wanted to know.  He feels a lot of writers write a book because they have an idea they want or need to share, the mechanism being the book.

Chandler believed in the message but was afraid of the mechanism. He got the book done while another business he was involved in was failing.

Everyone kept asking him how he writes and publishes books and he finally got it.

He realized there were a lot of people willing to pay him for the knowledge he had about writing books. He suggests that this is a good lesson for people starting out. 

Figure out what the people are already asking you about and what they want to pay you for. 

At first, Chandler would get on phone calls and coach people for free just because he is a nice guy. After doing plenty of those calls, he realized that he should start charging for it.

They started the first cohort of 44 students, and then it just snowballed into now having helped thousands write and publish books. 

How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
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Dustin was buying property after property and realized his passion was real estate. He was about to literally quit his job and began telling people about what he was doing.

They asked how he was able to quit his job and if he would be willing to show them how to do it as well. If you have something that people keep asking you about and how to do it, you can potentially have an idea for a business.

Dustin was teaching people one-on-one and realized it was taking so much time, even though he loved doing it. So he started a coaching business called Master Passive Income.

It is all about rental properties, teaching people, coaching and courses about how to invest in rental properties. Dustin loves Self-Publishing School because it helps so many people get to where they want to be, which is writing a book.

With Master Passive Income, Dustin helps people get to where he is so they are buying properties and making upwards of $250 on them, perpetually. Dustin is always wanting to reach more and help more people. 

Where to Get Started With a Business Like Chandler’s That Teaches Someone How to Do Something 

Something that Chandler and his team are really passionate about a business like this where you are teaching how you accomplished something.

For them, books are the starting point but it’s what you do with it that matters. They have a PR and Speaking for Authors program, Course Building for Authors program and how to turn a book into a course. 

One thing Chandler thinks is really important is to sell and then build. Until you have your first sales, you don’t have a business, you have a business idea. One of the biggest mistakes Chandler sees people make is they spend months or years creating this whole thing that people don’t want.

They then try to sell it without talking to potential customers. This is something that Chandler said happened to him. He wrote The Productive Person. It was successful and he wanted to create a productivity course.

They did all the work and put in the time to realize no one wanted it. He felt the messaging was totally off. They had spent $10,000-$15,000 developing this course and it probably has not sold to one person. 

That was the basis for starting, Self-Publishing School, or Best Selling Book System at the time, and what not to do. They pre-sold to 44 people and it was a live delivery over 12 weeks.

Chandler and his team asked the students what they wanted or needed and then created that exact thing. His recommendation is to first get sales which bring revenue.

He says sales and happy customers are pretty much the two things that matter for your business. However, you can’t have happy customers without first having sales.   

Dustin agrees and thinks people believe they just have to pump out a physical product. If you don’t even know if someone wants it or will buy it you are wasting so much time and effort.

Preselling Your Product Proves Your Concept and What You Are Selling

This happens in the online space as well, you presell what you will eventually sell. So by then you are validated because everything you are talking about and trying to sell, is already pre-sold.

Dustin appreciates that when he pre-sells something, it lights a fire under him to get the product done. Chandler agrees and says it is a force function and deadline but also can be a feedback mechanism.

Chandler says that each new product they create has a beta program. Currently, they are near the end of PR and Speaking for Authors beta, the new product they are developing and next week it rolls out.

They believe that every new product should have a beta, sell it then build it. In addition, it is a force function to get the content done and get the product built.

Now after the beta, you have feedback, testimonials and have raving fans in the community that have an amazing experience. Now people know that they should get in on the beta for the best product, the best price, and the most one-on-one attention they will ever get.

How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income
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The beta group gets a steal of a deal and his team gets the feedback and testimonials. It makes it beneficial for everyone involved. They are upfront about their goal and that is to make the student successful in exchange for their testimonial.

Chandler says not to join the beta unless you are going to do the work.

How to Pre-Sell Without a Following or Audience Base

Whether you do the course or the book first, it’s not a one-size fits all method, Chandler says.  Depending where people are at, Chandler makes different recommendations for them to follow.

What worked for him was he did his book first as well as some other people.

For example Ruth Soukup, who was recently interviewed on the Self-Publishing podcast, sold 500,000 copies of her book How to Blog for Profit which ultimately became known as Elite Blogging Academy.

On the other hand, Chandler doesn’t believe in teaching theory, but teaching by actually doing. They started doing training webinars for three weeks leading up to a product launch.

At the end of the webinar was an opportunity to apply for the beta program. They only accepted a percentage of the applicants who would then sign up. Some accepted and some didn’t.

So following this,  they made “why didn’t you buy” calls and got a lot of feedback. In addition to the feedback, some at that point ended up signing up for the beta program anyway.  

The Challenge to Get People