Online businesses are making everyday people like us very wealthy.

Having a website, youtube channel, podcast, courses, memberships, etc., Gillian Perkins shows us how to be successfully unemployed with her online business. She will show us the step-by-step process to creating an online business with her startup society business model.

Millions of dollars are being made by those who know how to startup an online business serving and helping others. It is now easier to startup your own online business than ever before.

Expert online business owner, and founder of Startup Society Gillian Perkins is here to teach us all the steps to startup a successful online business.

Step-by-Step Process to Starting Your Own Online Business

These are the steps you need to startup your own online business as Gillian has taught thousands of others. We layout the steps, benefits and strategies for these and equip you with some Pro Tips and tricks along the way.

Starting an online business or working on becoming a YouTuber, can be easy especially following these simple steps.  

Other than being an intern, Gillian has never had a real job. She taught music lessons with certain times, locations, just like a 9-5.

A lot like having a job but instead of having 1 boss, you would have 40 bosses.  Strict specific schedule, location dependent and she wanted more time for her family and to be her own boss.

Targeting a specific idea, Gillian got to work and started an online business and successful YouTuber. Here she lays it out for us. 

Why You Should Start An Online Business

You want to be your own boss and you want to work less hours, you want more time freedom to do what you want. So instead of working for someone else, you decide to start an online business.

Working for someone else and working too many hours can be exhausting but with the right passion and focus, you can funnel this into starting an online business and begin making money from multiple streams. 

What Gillian Does to Provide For Her Family

At the beginning Gillian Perkins started to blog. She started more of a passion business, where you research and learn about one topic and share it with others. Gillian began YouTubing about the multiple business ventures that she had started that failed. Her first videos were poor quality and she didn’t have a lot of followers but was passionate about the content so she kept going.

Pro Startup Tip #1: Be Very Consistent

Keep being consistent, keep putting energy towards your passions. Stay the course and stay focused on your work and learn from failures. This will drive you to learn more and get better.

Transitioning From a Blog To YouTube 

In order to have a successful business, you need to use successful marketing efforts. You need to understand how important marketing is and I found that this is the skill that I need to master.

So Gillian became a student of marketing, experimenting with the marketing tactics for the different businesses. She became someone who knew about marketing in her social circle.

People would reach out and ask for help on marketing, things like building a website for them or even creating some Facebook ads. Gillian gained even more knowledge about marketing as she did this for other people.

Before this, Gillian started a lifestyle youtube channel that was not successful at first. Video quality was poor at the time. Even though the channel itself wasn’t successful, some videos were and a couple went viral. She kept growing and changing until something took off. 

Pro Startup Tip #2: Be Confident in Your Content

Stop asking yourself why would people watch my videos and ask yourself why are people watching my videos? Be confident in yourself and the content you are releasing.  

How the Amount of Followers Translates to Revenue

Gillian has about 350,000 subscribers currently. For the first couple months, she didn’t make any money and then month three, got her first check for $113.

By month 7-8, the checks had grown to about $2,000 in YouTube ad revenue alone. From there it grew more slowly but eventually grew to about $5,000-$8,000/ month for ads.

Pro Startup Tip #3: Don’t Discount Your Success

Don’t discount any success you have, it is still an honor to speak to any amount of followers, so be proud. 

Making Money from a Membership

Some Advice From The Pros about Online Business

You do not want to leave money on the table, so instead of giving YouTube a cut of your earnings, start a membership option with your business. Move away from a patreon and start making more money for the content you create.

You can then create premium content for your members and earn money from that passively on a larger scale.