What Is a FreelancerIf you are curious about freelance work and want to know more, this article will touch on several topics related to freelancers and the work they do.

It is recommended that you check out the websites mentioned and consider creating accounts and building portfolios on them to begin reaching out and networking within their communities and looking for jobs.

Here are some common questions related to freelancers and their work as well as some information about freelancing.

What Is a Freelancer?

Freelancers are people with certain knowledge and skills who work contract jobs for companies and are not given the insurance benefits and vacation hours that regular workers get.

They typically have established rates for how much they are paid per job or per hour working on the job, but they can also take jobs from contractors who have established the rates themselves.

Freelancers can have portfolios and websites created to showcase the work they have completed and give information on people who can give good references for the freelancers.

Freelancers work on a job until it is completed and the contract is fulfilled, and these jobs can range in their time frames and weekly hours.

Freelancers can also find jobs where there is not a deadline but a set price in the contract where the freelancer completes work until the payment limit is reached.

Freelancers can be someone who has worked all of their life in a specific field and never received a formal education via college or training.

People with this high level of skill can be successful freelancers as long as the evidence of their skillful work is provable to the contractor and the freelancer’s references are able to testify to the freelancer’s effectiveness in the field.

How Does It Work to Be a Freelancer?

 Freelancers could be anyone who has extensive knowledge or skills related to a subject, or even someone who has completed a degree and has references to back up their skills.

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Freelancers do not have to have extensive education and can get jobs through showcasing the quality of work they have completed.

It is important to make sure you have a portfolio that is reflective of your best work in order to draw the attention of potential hiring companies and get yourself noticed.

Freelancers can post their work and résumés on freelance job boards or actively search for jobs they want that are related to the skills and knowledge they possess.

Freelance pay can sometimes be tax-free upon completion of the work, but it is important for a freelancer to keep a record of how much money they are paid and to set aside a portion of the money for tax time. The IRS can perform an audit if a freelancer does not pay taxes on the income they made.

This is something to avoid and look out for as a freelancer and is important to maintain good bookkeeping skills to continue being successful in the future and on other jobs.

What Does a Freelancer Do?

Freelancers work for companies as independent, outside contractors to complete tasks and jobs for the company.

A freelancer could be a writer, an artist, someone who has skills with specific computer programs, an electrician, a construction worker, or a variety of other things.

Freelancers complete work for the companies while still adhering to company standards and rules and are not exempt from any of the protocols a company has for their workplace.

If a freelancer isn’t working on-site with a company but instead over the computer, then company policies may be different considering the freelancer’s off-site location.

Freelancers typically receive different payments than those working directly for the company. They usually come to an agreement with the contractor as to how pay works and how much pay is received by the freelancer before the acceptance of the job.

As mentioned before, this pay can be untaxed upon the time of receiving it, but it must be logged every year as income and still have taxes paid on it. Similar to jobs that receive tips as payment, all income will eventually be taxed one way or another.

What Should You Know as a Freelancer to Make Money?

Along with remembering to record income and set aside money for taxes, there is the ability to set rates for their work. Establishing what the rate for your work is can be complicated because you don’t want to underestimate yourself but you also don’t want to be cheated out of your hard work by receiving a low payment.

Checking online for different calculators can be helpful for establishing your rate as a freelancer or for making sure you are accepting a job that is within a reasonable bracket close to your rate.

You can also consider calculating your rate by establishing how many hours a week you will work on a job, multiplying it by how many dollars per hour you are expecting, and then multiplying that by four to encompass how much money you would be wanting to make in a month’s time.

Depending on how much time the job is meant to take, you can multiply your hourly pay by how many hours a week you will work and how many weeks the job is meant to be competed in.

Whatever the number, make sure not to take a low-paying job when you have a lot of skill, and make sure you do not set your rate too high and then end up receiving no jobs because of it.

There is a certain balance that needs to be achieved, and making sure you have a strong portfolio and good references can lead to getting a freelance job that pays you well.

One thing to remember is that freelancing is a highly competitive field, and there are many other people just like you trying to get the jobs you are searching for. If you lose a job to someone else, it is a good idea to reflect on the ways you can improve your portfolio, résumé, and maybe even your rates in order to secure a job in the future.

Don’t let the competitive side intimidate you, and continue to search and reach out on all the platforms you can to find the work you need.

It is never a bad idea to ask successful freelancers what secrets or methods they use to land a job and to investigate the portfolios of other successful freelancers to see what is appealing about their profiles.

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